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Well, it was a disappointment for me that I couldn’t maintain the weekly report on the Battlefield of the Mind. It just turned out to be a busy time and the discussion was not as dynamic as I expected.

All the same, on Feb 7, I am starting a new Bible Study at church based on the book, Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Tim Grissom. I have no idea how this will go or how big the class will be, but so far, I’ve done about 3 lessons in preparation for the class and I think it’s a good study. I particularly like that the answers are NOT in the book and there’s much more room for personal opinion. However, it is a more demanding study. I also don’t feel as “led by the author” as I did in Battlefield. I can see that DeMoss has a strong point of view, but I think there is room for my own personal point of view as well. It’s foundational stuff.

I hope to make some comments here throughout the next 13 weeks… it’s a long study and I’m interested to see how many will tough this out. I miss not having a study at my home… that was more fun for me … but that didn’t seem to work out as well for others. So, we’ll see. I’m just glad to be moving forward again in the Word.