Well, I realized that I should update this “about” page since I have been moved from teaching at home to teaching once a week at the church. I never really envisioned doing this, but I have enjoyed it immensely. Mostly, I would like to thank the lovely people who come to these studies and share their hearts and walks with Christ with me.
Back in November 2006, the Lord placed it upon my heart to start a Bible Study in my home. I considered that crazy. I don’t have time to prepare. I don’t even have a history of doing Bible Studies. I’m a Bible Study novice. But then, I also considered my desire to re-connect with people… with friends… with women. I feel very disenfranchised. And exactly what am I doing to change that?

I think I have something to give. I think I have something to learn. So, like the old movie, “Field of Dreams,” I felt I should build it … and they will come.

irm brown