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Reviewing Our Belief

1. In verses 5:1-4, John lays out several over arching truths that he has touched on throughout the previous chapters. What are they?
2. Tell me again, why isn’t Jesus’s yoke burdensome? (5:3b)
3. Sometimes we are not victorious because we are passive or have a defeatist mentality. How would that hinder our ability to become victorious? (verses 5:4-5)
4. What does coming by water and blood mean to you? (vs 6) How does the Spirit testify ? (vs 7-10)
5. Is God’s promise of “eternal life” a motivator for you? Why or Why not? (vs 11-13) The verb “have” or “has” in verse 12 in Greek is echō which means “to stand in a close relationship to someone, have, have as” (like having a father, having a wife, having a child). What might this add to your understanding of eternal life? Can a person be sure that he/she is going to heaven?
6. What does it look like to come before God in prayer with confidence (boldness)? Are there any conditions? (vs 14-15)
7. Can we know God’s will? How? Is it important?
8. What is the “sin that leads to death?” (vs 16-17; also see Numbers 15:27-31) Should we pray for that one?
9. Look at all three “we know” statements in verses 18, 19 & 20. Change the “we” to “I” – can you speak these statements with personal confidence? Why or why not?
10. The last verse of I John 5 has puzzled many. What is an idol? Are there idols in your life? Can you see how an idol could erode everything we have learned from I John? (vs 21)