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Reviewing Our Belief

1. In verses 5:1-4, John lays out several over arching truths that he has touched on throughout the previous chapters. What are they?
2. Tell me again, why isn’t Jesus’s yoke burdensome? (5:3b)
3. Sometimes we are not victorious because we are passive or have a defeatist mentality. How would that hinder our ability to become victorious? (verses 5:4-5)
4. What does coming by water and blood mean to you? (vs 6) How does the Spirit testify ? (vs 7-10)
5. Is God’s promise of “eternal life” a motivator for you? Why or Why not? (vs 11-13) The verb “have” or “has” in verse 12 in Greek is echō which means “to stand in a close relationship to someone, have, have as” (like having a father, having a wife, having a child). What might this add to your understanding of eternal life? Can a person be sure that he/she is going to heaven?
6. What does it look like to come before God in prayer with confidence (boldness)? Are there any conditions? (vs 14-15)
7. Can we know God’s will? How? Is it important?
8. What is the “sin that leads to death?” (vs 16-17; also see Numbers 15:27-31) Should we pray for that one?
9. Look at all three “we know” statements in verses 18, 19 & 20. Change the “we” to “I” – can you speak these statements with personal confidence? Why or why not?
10. The last verse of I John 5 has puzzled many. What is an idol? Are there idols in your life? Can you see how an idol could erode everything we have learned from I John? (vs 21)


We will finish the third chapter, beginning with Question 3 based on I John 3:15

We will then start on I John 4 and finish these questions next week.

God’s Love

1. In John’s time, fighting the issue of “Christology” (was Jesus God in the flesh from his inception), a follower just had to ask the “teacher” if he believed that Jesus was the Christ in the flesh. That answer would reveal all. But this may not suffice in our age. How would you “test the spirits?” Any examples of heresy discovered or sensed? (4:1)

2. Why is belief that Jesus was/is God in the flesh important? (4:2)

3. John says that we have overcome “them.” Who and how? (4:4)

4. In what way is the “spirit of God greater than the one who is in the world?” How do we reflect (or not) this truth in our daily lives? (4:4)

5. How does love being the essence of God’s nature affect us? Can a non-believer be affected by God’s love? How or in what way? (4:8)

6. Love one another. What hinders us? (4:7, 11)

7. To be “made complete” in Greek is “teleioō” which means, literally, “to overcome or supplant an imperfect state of things by one that is free from objection, to bring to an end, to bring to its goal/accomplishment, to be made perfect.” What would God’s love “completed” in us look like? Sound like? Feel like? (4:12, 17)

8. In verse 4:14, it says the Father sent His Son to be the Savior [Rescuer] of the World. Is that working out? Why or Why not?

9. Why does “perfect love drive out fear?” (verse 4:18)

10. What would loving someone . . . someone you do not love today . . . look like? What would you do first?

Discussion Questions for I John 3:11-24

1. We are to love one another: NOT like Cain toward Abel. Why is this story used to describe the negative side of loving one another? What emotions and feelings are represented and why?
2. What is love? (Note the paradox of moving from death to life and the other way around.) Also see John 5:24.
3. If, without love, there is death and hate=death, what kind of death is John really talking about? How do we resurrect this situation?
4. How does anger morph into hatred? Is there such a thing as “righteous anger?”
5. What is sacrificial love? What are some examples of this kind of love? Will we be taken advantage of when we love like this? Why or why not?
6. In I John 3:20b, he says, “. . . God is greater than our hearts.” What does this mean? Is it comfort or challenge?
7. What is the relationship between obedience and answered prayer? Is this about “earning” God’s favor or something else?
8. Does the Holy Spirit live within you? How do you know?